Our Approach

With the UAV commercial market quickly developing, Patriot Airborne Precision Imaging delivers comprehensive results to clients in industrial, commercial, and real estate applications.  When you choose Patriot Airborne Precision Imaging, you can trust that your request will be in compliance with required FAA regulations (14 CFR Part 107), safe and yield quality results.

Our Story

For over 30 years, Patriot Airborne Precision Imaging pilots have been involved in various forms and types of UAV’s.  With the rapid development and improvement of aerial photography platforms, we see the potential applications across all business sectors.  Turning a passion into a line of work truly is a dream come true.


Our Advantage

Having worked in the refining and petrochemical industry for over 40 years combined, we’ve just about seen it all.  Supporting both operations and maintenance roles, we understand the ins and outs of working in industrial facilities, including protecting the safety performance of the company.  More importantly, we understand the equipment we are assessing from functionality to integrity.  This allows us to deliver meaningful and quality results summarizing key finding during assessments.

Additionally we provide the opportunity for client to view live feed from aerial missions in our Mobile Command Station.  The Command Station also provides a field office to discuss known equipment issues and conduct drawing reviews for determining key areas for inspections.

Meet the Team


Roger – Owner/Pilot

Roger has worked in refinery operations including Operations Manager of a well known refiner for over 35 years.  In this line of work, communication, safety, and attention to detail is key, as is safely piloting UAVs.

Josh – Pilot/Photographer

Josh has supported the petrochemical industry as a mechanical reliability engineer for over 10 years.  Understanding mechanical design, failure mechanisms, and industry codes gives us the advantage to industrial inspection applications.

Next Steps…

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